On pre-order items, you pay the price displayed when you ordered in the currency you chose and which is displayed on your order confirmation. So you are not affected by price increases once you have placed a pre-order.

Please note that the NZ Dollar amount may change during this period and as NZ banks require us to charge in NZ Dollars, we re-calculate this amount before we charge your credit card.

We always charge you the current NZ dollar equivalent of the price in your chosen currency, so that you never pay more than you were told at the time of placing the order.

For example, when you placed your pre-order, the product cost US$80 which at the time was equivalent to NZ$100.

These two numbers will appear on your order confirmation.

When it's time to ship the product to you, you will still pay US$80, even if the exchange rates have fluctuated so that this is now NZ$120.

This is our guarantee to you - we take the risks of currency exchange rate fluctuations.