Offers valid from:

9am 13th February NZDT – 9am 19th February NZDT

12pm 12th February PST – 12pm 18th February PST

9pm 12th February CET - 9pm 18th February CET

or while stocks last (“Sales Period”). The below terms and conditions apply to all sales made.

SALE EXTENDED by 72 hours at 9am on the 19th of February (NZDT)/ 12pm on the 18th February (PST)/ 9pm on the 18th February (CET)

Sale now closes at 9am Thursday the 22nd (NZDT)/ 12pm Tuesday 21st February (PST)/ 9pm Tuesday 21st February (CET)

If you don't intend to read all the terms, please be aware of the below at a minimum:

  • NO address changes on orders placed – double check before you submit.
  • NO cancellations or refunds on sale items.
  • NO special packing or consolidation requests.
  • NO shipping to P.O. Boxes.

 Products, Offers and Ordering

  • No other discounts will apply to items purchased (“Sales Items”) during the Sale Period, unless specifically advertised otherwise.
  • Price matches for recent orders will not be available to customers, as discounts only apply within the sales period.
  • The discount applies to the product of equal or lesser value.
  • Prices do not include import fees, brokerage fees, duties, tariffs, taxes or other imposts or charges which may be payable in relation to your order. You are solely responsible to pay any import fees, duties, taxes, and other imposts or charges which are payable in relation to your order. 
  • Terms and Conditions for our End of Line collectibles can be found here.
  • This sale excludes all Pre-order items with the exception of the fellowship of the Ring - 20th Anniversary Art Print by Gus Hunter. 
  • This sale excludes all items on a payment plan.
  • No address changes can be made on orders placed during the Sale Period.
  • Wētā Dollars may be used during the Sale Period.
  • All offers made during the Sale Period are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to remove any item at any time for any reason from the Sale.
  • Requests for returns will be reviewed under a case-by-case basis, please contact our customer support team here for further assistance.
  • We reserve the right to offer a refund instead of a replacement on any End of Line sale items or other items where replacement stock isn't available.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of pieces per product available for sale to any given customer at our discretion.
  • Selected products will be excluded from the Sale, at Wētā Workshop's discretion. These excluded products will not be accompanied on the website by any special offer blurb nor will they be tagged as special products.
  • One customer can place as many orders as they wish subject to Wētā Workshop's reserved rights under these terms and conditions.

 Shipping and after-sales support

  • No cancellations or refunds will be accepted for orders of Sale Items placed during the Sale Period, subject to any applicable consumer legislation.

  • Orders that for any reason cannot be fulfilled will be refunded.

  • Special packing requests or consolidation of packages will not be available during the Sale Period. How products are consolidated and shipped is at the discretion of Wētā Workshop.

  • Orders that are damaged during transit will be replaced or refunded at the discretion of our support team. 

  • If your order has untracked shipping and your product does not arrive, then you are entitled to a full refund (including the price of shipping). Please be aware that replacement will not be available as a remedy for non-delivered sale items if you choose the untracked shipping option. This is due a combination of discounted pricing, limited availability of stock and the increased cost of resolving lost shipments which are untracked.

If you still need support, please contact us here.