You can use the Weta Dollars you have earned to save money on nearly all the items you purchase on our site. You can do this during the usual CHECK OUT process in your shopping CART. Some made-to-order items and full-scale figures are excluded from the Weta Dollars programme.

On the last page of the checkout is a check box that asks if you want to use your Weta Dollars.  PLEASE NOTE: This page comes AFTER you have entered your credit card details or confirmed your purchase on the PayPal site.

The site will use your Weta Dollars in the following ways:

  • If you have more (or the exact amount of) Weta Dollars than required for your order, the website will give you the option to use Weta Dollars to cover 100% of your order and you will not need to pay anything more. You will still need to submit your order of course. Weta Dollars can be used to pay for shipping as well as products and taxes.
  • If you have Weta Dollars, but not enough to cover the whole order the website will give you the option to use all your available Weta Dollars towards the total of your order and the balance will be charged to your credit card.
  • If you don't have ANY Weta Dollars in your account, the Weta Dollar option is hidden on the checkout page.


When you choose to use Weta Dollars on a pre-order, only the Weta Dollars needed to cover the deposit will be deducted at the time of ordering.

When the final payment is made, the website will deduct the appropriate amount from your Weta Dollars balance first and only if it's not enough will your card be charged.

So if you have earned (and not used) more Weta Dollars in the meantime, you will pay a greater portion of your order with Weta Dollars.

And inversely, if you need Weta Dollars while the pre-order is open, you can use them on other orders in the mean-time, meaning of course that when it's time to pay the balance, we will charge your credit card instead.

How do I check my Weta Dollars Balance?

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