Consolidation is available on selected smaller in-stock items, generally up to 900g/2lbs and all sides under 160mm/6.5in.

Pre-order items are almost never eligible for consolidation as they may arrive in different warehouses at different times which is something we rarely know at the time of your order as products haven't left the factory yet. If an item isn't eligible, you may wait and place your order once the item is in stock to save on shipping.

A majority of our collectibles are pre-packaged into their own shipping box, therefore individual shipping costs may apply. This also applies to most books and art prints and other items that for the protection of the item during handling and shipment get pre-packaged in custom packaging.

If consolidation isn’t available, the checkout process will request individual shipping costs and split your order. Eg: 100000-A & 100000-B.

If consolidation IS available, the weight and dimensions of the boxes are added up before shipping price is quoted. If the consolidated items reach a value, weight or size break for a particular forwarding service (usually 2kg and/or NZ$250), the next available service will be used. This higher tier courier shipping method usually has a shorter delivery time and more extensive tracking and is therefore more expensive.

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