When an order is cancelled, there's a lot of work involved for our team and for the crew at our overseas warehouse partners and a cancellation fee of $20 USD will be applied to any order cancelled on your request to cover the extra charges we incur.

The fee is deducted from the order refund.

Change of mind

If you've prematurely placed an in-stock order and would like it cancelled, please email support at support@wetanz.co.nz to request cancellation within 24 hours of placing that order. 

Even so, our support team can not guarantee it hasn't already left our premises as all orders placed via our online store are automatically processed and dispatched from our warehouses in NZ, Europe and the USA.

In the case we are able to notify the warehouse to cancel dispatch in time, we'll cancel your order and refund the full amount with $20 USD deducted to cover the cancellation and handling fees.

In the case we're not able to stop the shipment and you still wish to cancel, you will also be asked to return the item at your cost and once the item arrives receive a refund less the original shipping cost and the cancellation fee. More information about returns.


If you request to cancel a pre-order with us, please note, you'll forfeit the non-refundable deposit (usually 15%) that you paid when you placed the order.

No further cancellation fees apply unless you've placed your pre-order on a payment plan.

Payment Plan

A cancellation fee of $20 USD applies against each payment made.

Therefore, if you request to cancel a payment plan order, upon cancellation, we'll automatically deduct the cancellation fee against each monthly payment you've made up to that date.

If this is a pre-order payment plan, the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited also.


If you have any questions around our cancellation and handling fee, please email support@wetanz.co.nz for more information.