When a product is available on Payment Plan this is indicated on the product page. You can see the available options when you hover with your mouse over the "i" icon.

We take the price of the item, add shipping, deduct any discounts or Weta Dollars and finally add tax (if applicable) and split the total over the amount of months you choose. From 2 - 6 months depending on the price. For example, a $699 order can be divided into 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 payments whereas a $250 item can be split into two payments.

Your first payment usually includes the deposit for pre-order items.

The instalment amounts shown on the product page are indicative. Shipping costs and applicable taxes will be added and Weta Dollars and discounts deducted before the final instalments are calculated.

Pay off early

You can elect to pay off a payment plan early. You do this on the order page in your account. Should you choose to do so, all remaining payments will be debited to your card the following day. You will notice the due dates on your order page are changed to the next day’s date.

Paid off in-stock items will be dispatched within 48 hours. Pre-order items will be dispatched once stock is available in the warehouse, just as with a normal pre-order.

If you still haven’t finished paying off a pre-order when it’s in stock in our warehouse, you can continue to pay monthly until you’ve paid the full balance at which time we will ship the goods. Or you can choose to pay off early. Your choice.

If a payment fails

If a scheduled payment fails, you will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to update your card details with a valid credit card, after which a second charge attempt will be made. If the second attempt is also unsuccessful, you will receive an email notifying you that a FINAL attempt will be made 10 days later.

If the Final attempt fails, your order will be cancelled with your payments refunded. Please note, a cancellation fee of $20 USD will be deducted on each payment. If you’ve placed a pre-order deposit, that too would be forfeited.

If you are having trouble with payments, please contact customer service.