PLEASE NOTE: New rules from Australian customs now requires us to collect 10% GST on their behalf on all purchases under AUD1,000 shipping to an Australian address. On purchases of AUD1,000 and over, import taxes and duties will still be collected by Australian authorities when an order crosses the border.

All prices exclude sales tax, unless otherwise indicated.

Any applicable New Zealand sales tax (15% GST), Australia (10% GST) or VAT for customers in the EU will be shown on the order confirmation page.

Weta's European warehouse is in the Netherlands, so we are charging Netherlands VAT, currently 21% or 6% (books) (as of 21 Feb 2018).

PLEASE NOTE: Items shipped from a warehouse outside your country or customs zone will be subject to customs clearance and often import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. The only exception currently is Australia where Weta will collect the GST on orders under AUD1,000. Please note there may be other duties payable on certain goods - please contact Australian customs before ordering if you are unsure.

Weta has no control over taxes and duties in different countries and these are your responsibility.

Customs policies and processes vary widely from country to country and are updated regularly so you should check out your local customs office website for further information if you are unsure.